(Printable Agenda)






Nancy Harter

Board President

Marty Blum


Dr. Laura Malakoff


Das Williams

Mayor Pro-Tempore

Annette Cordero

Iya G. Falcone

Dr. Robert Noel

Roger L. Horton

Kate Parker

Brian B. Barnwell


Grant House


Helene Schneider



J. Brian Sarvis, Ed.D.


James L. Armstrong

City Administrator




Stephen P. Wiley

City Attorney



Special Joint Meeting of the Santa Barbara

City Council and Board of Education


Friday, June 8, 2007, 1:30 p.m.

David Gebhard Meeting Room

630 Garden Street, Santa Barbara, CA 93101


Public Comments - Public comments on listed agenda items will be taken during the time each item is considered.  Public comments on non-agenda items are taken under a separate agenda heading.  Persons wishing to address the Council and the Board are requested to turn in a “Speaker Card” prior to the agenda item.  Individuals will normally be limited to a maximum of three minutes. If the speaker needs more time, s/he may submit written comments.


Estimated Time – The time at which each item is scheduled is an estimate only.  The Council and the Board may consider and act on an agenda item in a different order, or an item may be considered earlier or later than the estimated time. Additionally, discussion of agenda items may be postponed to a future meeting. All persons interested in an item listed on the agenda are advised to be present throughout the meeting to insure that they are present when the item is called.


Reports/Attachments – Copies of the report and any attachments relating to items on this agenda are available for review in the District’s Administration Center Lobby, the Clerk’s Office in City Hall, at the Reference Desk of the Main Library and online at: http://www.sbsdk12.org and http://www.SantaBarbaraCa.gov.


Accessibility – In compliance with the American with Disabilities Act, if you need special assistance to participate in the meeting or need this agenda provided in a disability-related alternative format, please contact the City Administrator’s Office at (805) 564-5305 or the Superintendent’s Office at (805) 963-4331. 





Order of Business:


1.         Call to Order and Roll Call:  1:30 P.M.


2.         Pledge of Allegiance


3.         Introductions, Proclamations, Presentations, or Recognitions


4.                  Public Comments


During this time, the Mayor and Board of Education President will acknowledge requests to speak on a topic not on the agenda, but within the subject matter jurisdiction of the City Council and Board.  Persons wishing to address the Council and Board are requested to complete a “Speaker Card” prior to this agenda item.  Comments on regular agenda items are taken at the time the item is considered.


5.         Statement of Purpose for Joint Meeting


Presenters:     Marty Blum, Mayor

Nancy Harter, Board of Education President


Agenda Items:  Items 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 are based on written reports.  Presentations will be made on items 12 and 13.

Agenda Report

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Attachment 2

Attachment 3

Attachment 4

Attachment 5


6.         Joint Use Committee Annual Report


See information in written report prepared by Sarah Hanna, Recreation Program Manager, and David Hetyonk, Director of Facilities and Operations, on behalf of the Joint Use Committee.


7.         Progress Report in Preparation for the City to Vacate Street Easements on Santa Barbara School Campuses


See information in written report prepared by City Public Works Department Staff.


8.                  Report on School District and City Collaboration on Environmental and Sustainability Programs


See information in written report prepared by City and School District staff on the following:

·         School District Integrated Pest Management Program

·         Recycling and Waste Reduction

·         Water Conservation


9.         Report on Status of School Property Task Group


See information in written report prepared by Pat Saley, Land Use Consultant to the District.


10.       Report on Status of City Projects


See written reports prepared by City Public Works Staff for information on the following:

·         Safe Routes to School Project

·         Coronel Street Bikepath Adjacent to McKinley Elementary School Campus

·         Montecito Street Pedestrian Lighting


11.              Report on Status of School District Projects


See written reports prepared by District Staff for information on the following:

·         Career Technical Education

·         Facilities Master Plan Update

·         Bond Construction Projects

·         Properties Adjacent to Washington Elementary School


12.              Presentation on the School Districts’ Budgets for FY 2008


Presenters:     Brian Sarvis, Superintendent and Edward Diaz, Assistant Superintendent of Business Services  


13.       Presentation on Initiatives in Response to Youth Violence


Presenters:     Brian Sarvis, Superintendent

Michael Gonzalez, Director of Compliance and Categorical Programs

                        Nancy Rapp, Parks and Recreation Director

                        Camerino Sanchez, Police Chief


Topics include current and upcoming activities and programs under consideration by the following:

·         School Districts

·         City Parks and Recreation Department

·         City Police Department


14.       Additional Matters for Placement on a Future Agenda


            This is an opportunity for Council and Board Members, and the City Administrator and Superintendent, to consider other matters of mutual interest for placement on an agenda for a future meeting.


15.       Adjournment of Joint Meeting