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AUGUST 14, 2007







2:00 p.m. - City Council Meeting

2:00 p.m. - Redevelopment Agency Meeting











1.                  Subject: Minutes

Recommendation: That Council waive the reading and approve the minutes of the special and regular meetings of July 24, 2007, and the regular meeting of July 31, 2007.

2.                  Subject: Appeal Of The Planning Commission Denial For 1829 State Street And 11 W. Pedregosa Street (640.07)

Recommendation: That Council refer the appeal to the Planning Commission for action pursuant to SBMC 1.30.050.B.

3.                  Subject: Appropriate $7,500 For The 2007 Salsa Festival (570.05)

Recommendation: That Council increase estimated revenues and appropriations in the Fiscal Year 2008 Miscellaneous Grants Fund for the Parks and Recreation Department in the amount of $7,500 for the 2007 Salsa Festival.

4.                  Subject: Issuance Of Purchase Order To Perkin Elmer Instruments (540.01)

Recommendation: That Council:

A. Find it to be in the City's best interest to select Perkin Elmer Instruments (Perkin Elmer) as the approved vendor for maintenance of analytical equipment manufactured by Perkin Elmer without bids, as authorized by Municipal Code Section 4.52.080 (k); and

B. Authorize the General Services Manager to award purchase order contracts within approved budgets to Perkin Elmer for equipment maintenance and repair services for the next four-year period.

5.                  Subject: Contract For Marina 4B Endtie Reconfiguration (570.03)

Recommendation: That Council:

A. Award and authorize the Public Works Director to execute a contract with Associated Pacific Constructors, Inc. (APCI), in their low bid amount of $409,999, for construction of the Marina 4B Endtie Reconfiguration, Bid No. 3511;

B. Authorize the Public Works Director to approve expenditures up to $41,000 to cover any cost increases that may result from contract change orders for extra work and differences between estimated bid quantities and actual quantities measured for payment; and

C. Authorize the General Services Manager to issue a Purchase Order with URS/Cash and Associates (URS) in the amount of $13,500, for construction support services, and authorize the General Services Manager to approve expenditures of up to $1,350 for extra services of URS that may result from necessary changes in the scope of work.

6.                  Subject: Approval Of Map And Execution Of Agreements For 33 South Soledad Street (640.08)

Recommendation: That Council:

A. Approve and authorize the City Administrator to record Final Map No. 20,736 by Adame, Inc., a California Corporation, for a subdivision located at 33 South Soledad Street, Santa Barbara County Assessor's Parcel Number 017-183-012, and find the Final Map in conformance with the General Plan for the City of Santa Barbara (City); and

B. Approve and authorize the City Administrator to execute and record an Agreement Relating to Subdivision Map Conditions Imposed on Real Property.

7.                  Subject: Fire Memorandum Of Understanding Amendment - Administrative Assignments (440.02)

Recommendation: That Council:

A. Introduce and subsequently adopt, by reading of title only, An Ordinance of the Council of the City of Santa Barbara Amending Ordinance No. 5345, the 2004-2007 Memorandum of Understanding Between the City of Santa Barbara and the Santa Barbara City Firefighters' Association; and

B. Adopt, by reading of title only, A Resolution of the Council of the City of Santa Barbara Amending Resolution No. 07-053, the Position and Salary Control Resolution for Fiscal Year 2008, Affecting Fire Captain Administrative Pay Effective November 26, 2006.

8.                  Subject: Donation Of Search And Rescue Equipment To The Fire Department By The Firefighters Alliance (520.03)

Recommendation: That Council accept the donation of equipment valued at $56,000 to the City of Santa Barbara Fire Department.

9.                  Subject: City Lease Of Office Space At 925 De La Vina Street (330.04)

Recommendation: That Council introduce and subsequently adopt, by reading of title only, An Ordinance of the Council of the City of Santa Barbara Approving a Five-Year Lease Agreement with Two Five-Year Options Between Amita LTD, LLC, as Lessor, and the City of Santa Barbara, as Lessee, Commencing on August 21, 2007, for 7300 Square Feet of Commercial Office Space and 22 Parking Spaces at 925 De La Vina Street, for an Initial Base Rent of $15,665 Per Month, Plus Insurance, Taxes, and Common Charges to be Determined, Subject to Annual Rent Increases.

10.             Subject: Set A Date For Public Hearing Regarding Appeal Of Planning Commission Denial For 1400 Rogers Court

Recommendation: That Council:

A. Set the date of October 2, 2007, at 2:00 p.m. for hearing the appeal filed by Mark Lloyd, Agent for Santa Fe Court LLC, Property Owner, of the Planning Commission's Denial of an application for property located at 1400 Rogers Court, Assessor's Parcel Number 035-480-001, E-1, Single Family Residential Zone, General Plan Designation: Residential, 3 Units per Acre and 5 Units per Acre. The project consists of the following requests for an existing lot at 1400 Rogers Court: 1) initiation of a Zone Change from E-1, Single Family Residential Zone, to R-2, Two-Family Residential Zone; and 2) a General Plan Amendment to change the General Plan Designation from Residential - 3 Units per Acre and Residential - 5 Units per Acre to Residential - 12 Units per Acre; and

B. Set the date of October 1, 2007, at 1:30 p.m. for a site visit to the property located at 1400 Rogers Court.


11.             Subject: Minutes

Recommendation: That the Redevelopment Agency Board waive the reading and approve the minutes of the special meetings of July 24 and July 31, 2007.

12.             Subject: Chase Palm Park/Hotel Project - Amendment To Declaration Of Construction And Operating Covenants And Reciprocal Easements (570.05)

Recommendation: That the Agency adopt, by reading of title only, A Resolution of the Board of the Redevelopment Agency of the City of Santa Barbara Authorizing the Agency Executive Director to Negotiate and Execute an Amendment to (and an Estoppel Certificate for) the "Declaration of Construction and Operating Covenants and Reciprocal Easements" (the "Declaration") by and Between the Redevelopment Agency and American Tradition, a California General Partnership, Regarding the Agency's Chase Palm Park Project as Approved by the Agency Board in August of 1995 and Recorded as Instrument No. 96-048000 on August 9, 1996.


13.             The City Clerk has on Thursday, August 9, 2007, posted this agenda in the Office of the City Clerk, on the City Hall Public Notice Board on the outside balcony of City Hall, and on the Internet.


This concludes the Consent Calendar.


14.             Subject: Medical Marijuana Dispensaries (520.04)

Recommendation: That Council consider the request of Mayor Blum, Councilmembers House and Schneider regarding Medical Marijuana Dispensaries and provide direction to staff as appropriate.



15.             Subject: Inclusionary Housing Ordinance Revisions (660.01)

Recommendation: That Council consider the recommendations of the Housing Policy Steering Committee and the Planning Commission regarding several possible revisions to the City's Inclusionary Housing Ordinance and refer the matter to the Ordinance Committee with directions for implementation.




16.             Subject: Conference With Legal Counsel - Anticipated Litigation (160.03)

Recommendation: That Council hold a closed session to consider anticipated litigation pursuant to subsection (b) of section 54956.9 of the Government Code and take appropriate action as needed. There is significant exposure to litigation: one potential case.

Scheduling: Duration, 20 minutes; anytime

Report: None anticipated