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Case Number Address Description Status
BLD2018-03069 351 & 355 PASEO NUEVO Alterations to (e) elevator at Paseo Nuevo Shopping Center. Upgrade mechanical and electrical components. Permit Application Currently with Applicant
BLD2018-03035 1201 ANACAPA ST Install two 6.25 illuminated blade signs on existing wrought iron brackets, one 1.8 square foot non-illuminated metal wall sign, and one 3.7 square foot non-illuminated painted wall sign. A total of 18 square feet of signage is proposed for the business. Certificate of Occupancy Issued
BLD2018-02974 29 W ANAPAMU ST Remove the (e) two-piece mission tile, tear off underlayment, install two layers of underlayment and reinstall (e) mission tile. 30 squares Permit Issued
BLD2019-00088 21 E CANON PERDIDO ST (N) 800A Electrical Service Panel upgrade; new elec. undergrounding on adjacent sites(need easements); (n) heating & a/c mechanical HVAC systems on all 3 floors; New roof top equipment with (n) mechanical screening. Connection to (e) transformer. Partial abatement of ENF2018-00341 violations. Inspection required within 60 day of permit issuance or enforcement will continue. Permit Application Currently with Applicant
BLD2019-00079 28 E CANON PERDIDO ST Slurry and restripe (e) valet only tandem parking lot. Inclusion of accessible features, accessible parking plan and way-finding signage directing vehicle entrance at Anacapa St. 1988 El Paseo Parking agreement includes El Paseo Complex; Fendon Office Building (800 State St) & Casa de La Guerra Adobe R1
BLD2018-02978 128 E CANON PERDIDO ST Install (n) NFPA 13 Fire Sprinkler System to Bldg D Permit Issued
BLD2019-00467 16 E CARRILLO ST Replace an existing 3-ton split system heat pump with a high efficiency unit, and a 10-ton unit with two 5-ton units on the rooftop, to be screened by an existing parapet. The project includes replacing a cooling split system in the basement, three new condensation pumps, and other electrical work. Permit Pending Required Review
BLD2019-00297 24 E CARRILLO ST Replace 9 (e) roof top a/c package units with (n). Permit Issued
BLD2019-00446 33 E CARRILLO ST Install new 17.5 square foot halo illuminated channel letter wall sign and a new 6.8 square foot panel on the new 17 square foot monument sign per the approved sign program. Permit Issued
BLD2019-00325 819 CHAPALA ST Remove (e) microwave tower connected to (e) commercial building. No electrical connection to tower. Tower is inoperable. Permit Issued
BLD2018-02988 1019 CHAPALA ST Partial Abatement of ENF2018-00879. Demolition of all interior partition walls and interior finishes. No exterior demolition proposed. For full enforcement abatement and occupancy the tenant improvement permit BLD2018-02418 must be pulled and have final inspection approval. Permit Issued
BLD2019-00013 1020 CHAPALA ST Replace three existing wood signs with one 9 square foot painted wood and two 3.4 square foot painted aluminum letter signs. A total of 15.8 square feet of signage if proposed for the site. Permit Issued
BLD2019-00462 1111 CHAPALA ST 3,267 sq. ft. tenant improvements to the ground level of an existing commercial building. Project includes an interior remodel, new fenestration, removal of an existing raised planter, and a new low wall with wrought iron railing to match the existing planter wall. Permit Pending Required Review
BLD2018-02908 1123 CHAPALA ST Replace the (e) gas line from the gas meter to the building. Work in the PROW requires a separate Public Works Permit. Permit Issued
BLD2019-00062 125 E DE LA GUERRA ST Remove the (e) tile roofing material, tear off underlayment, install 2 new layers of underlayment and reinstall the (e) tile. 48 squares Permit Issued
BLD2019-00105 125 E DE LA GUERRA ST Suite #203: Remove and replace water damaged drywall and insulation. Interior only; no exterior alterations. Okay to Issue Permit
BLD2019-00227 125 E DE LA GUERRA ST Replace two (e) rooftop condensers with two (n) condensers. Permit Issued
BLD2019-00139 728 DE LA VINA ST Repace three (e) 100A main meters with three (n) 100A meters in main panel in the front of residence. Panel will be in the same location. MSR#XXXXX. Certificate of Occupancy Issued
BLD2019-00252 1136 DE LA VINA ST Repair of exterior north and east walls of kitchen. Porch steps and roof at the north porch. Colors to match existing. Permit Application Currently with Applicant
BLD2018-03009 30 W FIGUEROA ST Install new 9.33 square foot non-illuminated metal sign to be mounted flush at the edge of the storefront "eyebrow" and a 1.18 square foot exempt address number mounted to the wall. Permit Issued

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