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Case Number Address Description Status
BLD2019-00013 1020 CHAPALA ST Replace three existing wood signs with one 9 square foot painted wood and two 3.4 square foot painted aluminum letter signs. A total of 15.8 square feet of signage if proposed for the site. Permit Issued
BLD2019-00032 1221 STATE ST Replace gas pipe from the (e) building to the main gas meter in a vault. No additional work proposed. Permit Issued
BLD2019-00062 125 E DE LA GUERRA ST Remove the (e) tile roofing material, tear off underlayment, install 2 new layers of underlayment and reinstall the (e) tile. 48 squares Permit Issued
BLD2019-00069 1130 STATE ST Make changes to the (e) fire alarm system. Permit Issued
BLD2019-00074 1216 STATE ST Install upgrades to an existing wireless facility on the roof of the Granada Building. Changes include the replacement of three existing antennas with three new panel antennas, installation of 15 remote radio units (RRUs) at existing antenna locations, and associated electrical equipment. All equipment will be screened behind the existing building roof. Okay to Issue Permit
BLD2019-00079 28 E CANON PERDIDO ST Slurry and restripe (e) valet only tandem parking lot. Inclusion of accessible features, accessible parking plan and way-finding signage directing vehicle entrance at Anacapa St. 1988 El Paseo Parking agreement includes El Paseo Complex; Fendon Office Building (800 State St) & Casa de La Guerra Adobe R1
BLD2019-00081 1213 STATE ST Upgrade (e) Fire Alarm System to McDonald's Permit Issued
BLD2019-00088 21 E CANON PERDIDO ST (N) 800A Electrical Service Panel upgrade; new elec. undergrounding on adjacent sites(need easements); (n) heating & a/c mechanical HVAC systems on all 3 floors; New roof top equipment with (n) mechanical screening. Connection to (e) transformer. Partial abatement of ENF2018-00341 violations. Inspection required within 60 day of permit issuance or enforcement will continue. Permit Application Currently with Applicant
BLD2019-00093 900 STATE ST Replace approx. 92 lf. of (e) fire line with (n) 6" fire line in the same location from the property line to the point of connection near stairs. Install (n) landscape screen with (n) DCDA Backflow Prevention Assembly inside landscape screen. Work in PROW will require a separate public works permit. Permit Issued
BLD2019-00105 125 E DE LA GUERRA ST Suite #203: Remove and replace water damaged drywall and insulation. Interior only; no exterior alterations. Okay to Issue Permit
BLD2019-00126 1317 STATE ST Improvements to the (e) walled courtyard, including introducing a tile border, replacing and adding new light fixtures, repainting the existing wainscot, and adding a countertop to the existing counter on the eastern wall. Update the electrical. Move (e) utility lines into the courtyard. Utility lines are to be placed inside the (e) historical concrete walls. Permit Application Currently with Applicant
BLD2019-00139 728 DE LA VINA ST Repace three (e) 100A main meters with three (n) 100A meters in main panel in the front of residence. Panel will be in the same location. MSR#XXXXX. Certificate of Occupancy Issued
BLD2019-00204 1325 STATE ST 1,494 sq. ft. interior only demolition. Structural supports and fire separation to remain. Tenant Improvements under separate permit. Permit Issued
BLD2019-00213 1226 STATE ST Install a new fire alarm on the 1st floor only. Permit Issued
BLD2019-00227 125 E DE LA GUERRA ST Replace two (e) rooftop condensers with two (n) condensers. Permit Issued
BLD2019-00235 21 E VICTORIA ST Interior alteration of 8,070 sq.ft (e) commercial building on 2nd floor; new rooftop equipment. Permit Application Currently with Applicant
BLD2019-00244 1222 STATE ST Install (n) backwater valve, dig and replace 15 lf. cast iron sewer line, and install CIP liner cured in place from building to the main line sewer. Inspection performed from private property. Certificate of Occupancy Issued
BLD2019-00245 1224 STATE ST Install (n) backwater valve install CIP liner cured in place in approx. 10 lf of (e) line sewer line, install (n) cleanout adjacent to rear restroom wall. No work in PROW. Certificate of Occupancy Issued
BLD2019-00246 935 STATE ST Trenchless replacement of 20 lf. of (e) sewer line. Install (n) back water valve and (n) cleanout. Work in PROW will require a separate Public Works permit. Permit Issued
BLD2019-00252 1136 DE LA VINA ST Repair of exterior north and east walls of kitchen. Porch steps and roof at the north porch. Colors to match existing. Permit Application Currently with Applicant

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