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Case Number Address Description Status
BLD2019-00217 1701 ANACAPA ST, Unit COMMON AREA Remove (e) rolled roofing, and install (n) 1/4 in. densdeck and (n) 60 mil. tan PVC from IB Roof systems. 22 squares. Permit Issued
BLD2018-03031 1716 ANACAPA ST Add 2 (n) A/C condensing units to (e) FAU. No (n) ductwork. Permit Issued
BLD2018-03039 2001 ANACAPA ST Tear off the (e) brownish-gray asphalt shingles and underlayment, install new brownish-gray asphalt shingles and underlayment. 30 squares. Permit Issued
BLD2018-02934 419 E ARRELLAGA ST Upgrade main panel from 100A to 200A in the same location, and instal (n) 100A subpanel in JADU. MSR #8164190 Permit Issued
BLD2018-02949 1718 GARDEN ST 418 sq. ft. interior remodel to kitchen. Remove masonry chimney. 3 new windows. New HVAC system and new tankless water heater. R1
BLD2019-00205 1931 GARDEN ST 369 sf kitchen/bath remodel, reconfigure walls. Convert (e) 372 sf attic to habitable space includes (n) bathroom. Permit Application Currently with Applicant
BLD2018-03078 2441 GARDEN ST Replace (e) 30 gallon gas water heater with (n) 30 gallon gas water heater in the same exterior closet. Permit Issued
BLD2018-02837 19 E ISLAY ST Rehab 35 lf of (e) sewer lateral with epoxy liner. Install (n) backwater valve. Certificate of Occupancy Issued
BLD2019-00253 32 E JUNIPERO ST Install two (n) Tesla power walls in (e) garage of SFR. Permit Application Currently with Applicant
BLD2019-00338 20 E LOS OLIVOS ST Remodel (e) 105 sf. bathroom in (e) duplex in Unit 22 Permit Pending Required Review
BLD2019-00311 306 E MISSION ST Replace (e) FAU in attic with (n) FAU in the attic. Install two (n) condensers in the rear yard and connect to (e) duting. Permit Issued
BLD2019-00083 1801 OLIVE AVE Install new 240 Volt outlet for vehicle and a new 125 AMP subpanel in the garage. Certificate of Occupancy Issued
BLD2018-02866 1517 OLIVE ST Install (n) mini-split wall mount system in the attic and install condencer in side yard. Certificate of Occupancy Issued
BLD2019-00192 1615 OLIVE ST Replace (e) 40 gal water heater with (n) 40 gal w/h in same location. Certificate of Occupancy Issued
BLD2019-00248 1735 OLIVE ST Convert (e) lower level storage area to (n) bedroom & family room with (n) interior stairs added. Construct (n) raised patio and site stair in rear yard. Permit Pending Required Review
BLD2018-02869 11 E PADRE ST Interior remodel of kitchen and 3 bathrooms. Relocate laundry. Exterior changes to include removal of (e) porch cover, remove glass panels from covered porch, replace one window with a (n) French doors and replace one window and door with one (n) set of French doors. Permit Issued
BLD2019-00323 209 E PEDREGOSA ST Replace (e) FAU in closet with (N) FAU in the same closet. No new duct work. Permit Issued
BLD2019-00262 2559 PUESTA DEL SOL Minor interior only demo of HVAC, small portion of stage & elevated floor stuctures at alcoves. Tenant Improvement work under BLD2018-02796. Permit Issued
BLD2019-00073 1723 SANTA BARBARA ST 56 sf addition at entry and 61 sf addition of storage area. Enclose 160 sf covered porch. 400 sf interior remodel of kitchen/dining area. New windows on the front elevation, and replacement of siding to match (e). Permit Application Currently with Applicant
BLD2019-00460 1732 SANTA BARBARA ST Replace 2 (e) FAU's in basement & attic w/new and add 2 (n) A/C condensers to East side of SFR. Includes (n) duct work. Permit Application Currently with Applicant

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