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Case Number Address Description Status
BLD2019-00026 1936 STATE ST Install new 5 sq ft halo lit wall sign, a double-faced 6.6 sq ft non-illuminated wood panel for an existing monument sign, and one 4 sq ft non-illuminated double faced under canopy blade sign. A total of 15.6 sq ft of signage is proposed. Permit Issued
BLD2019-00035 1807 SANTA BARBARA ST Construct (n) 35' x 18' swimming pool & spa w/automatic safety cover. Permit Issued
BLD2019-00073 1723 SANTA BARBARA ST 56 sf addition at entry and 61 sf addition of storage area. Enclose 160 sf covered porch. 400 sf interior remodel of kitchen/dining area. New windows on the front elevation, and replacement of siding to match (e). Permit Application Currently with Applicant
BLD2019-00083 1801 OLIVE AVE Install new 240 Volt outlet for vehicle and a new 125 AMP subpanel in the garage. Certificate of Occupancy Issued
BLD2019-00133 2434 SANTA BARBARA ST Remove (e) clay tile roof, (e) plywood and underlayment. Install (n) plywood and two layers of 40 ply underlayment, and replace original tiles. Any (n) tiles will match (e) reused tiles. 49 squares. Certificate of Occupancy Issued
BLD2019-00156 115 E VALERIO ST Remove (e) tile, install (n) underlayment and re-install (e) tile. 20 squares Permit Issued
BLD2019-00158 1634 STATE ST Replace (e) FAU with (n) in same location. Includes (n) ductwork. Permit Issued
BLD2019-00192 1615 OLIVE ST Replace (e) 40 gal water heater with (n) 40 gal w/h in same location. Certificate of Occupancy Issued
BLD2019-00202 2301 SANTA BARBARA ST Install two (n) EV Charging stations in the garage of (e) SFR with (n) 125A loadcenter.. Permit Application Currently with Applicant
BLD2019-00205 1931 GARDEN ST 369 sf kitchen/bath remodel, reconfigure walls. Convert (e) 372 sf attic to habitable space includes (n) bathroom. Permit Application Currently with Applicant
BLD2019-00217 1701 ANACAPA ST, Unit COMMON AREA Remove (e) rolled roofing, and install (n) 1/4 in. densdeck and (n) 60 mil. tan PVC from IB Roof systems. 22 squares. Permit Issued
BLD2019-00248 1735 OLIVE ST Convert (e) lower level storage area to (n) bedroom & family room with (n) interior stairs added. Construct (n) raised patio and site stair in rear yard. Permit Pending Required Review
BLD2019-00253 32 E JUNIPERO ST Install two (n) Tesla power walls in (e) garage of SFR. Permit Application Currently with Applicant
BLD2019-00262 2559 PUESTA DEL SOL Minor interior only demo of HVAC, small portion of stage & elevated floor stuctures at alcoves. Tenant Improvement work under BLD2018-02796. Permit Issued
BLD2019-00268 2531 SANTA BARBARA ST 689 sf addition to (e) SFR to create (n) 900 sf Accessory Dwelling Unit. Corrections Required
BLD2019-00279 317 E VALERIO ST Construct (n) 32' x 16' swimming pool & spa with automatic safety cover. Permit Pending Required Review
BLD2019-00300 1734 STATE ST Install (n) sewer backwater valve. Work in PROW under separate permit. Permit Issued
BLD2019-00311 306 E MISSION ST Replace (e) FAU in attic with (n) FAU in the attic. Install two (n) condensers in the rear yard and connect to (e) duting. Permit Issued
BLD2019-00323 209 E PEDREGOSA ST Replace (e) FAU in closet with (N) FAU in the same closet. No new duct work. Permit Issued
BLD2019-00338 20 E LOS OLIVOS ST Remodel (e) 105 sf. bathroom in (e) duplex in Unit 22 Permit Pending Required Review

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