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Case Number: BLD2019-00088 Status: Permit Application Currently with Applicant
Application Date: 1/10/2019
Description: (N) 800A Electrical Service Panel upgrade; new elec. undergrounding on adjacent sites(need easements); (n) heating & a/c mechanical HVAC systems on all 3 floors; New roof top equipment with (n) mechanical screening. Connection to (e) transformer. Partial abatement of ENF2018-00341 violations. Inspection required within 60 day of permit issuance or enforcement will continue.

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Case Activities

Type Completed
IR Returned to Applicant 2/27/2019
Initial Review - Mech/Plbg 2/26/2019
Initial Review - Electrical 2/26/2019
Print Initial Corr List 2/26/2019
Applicant Information Sheet 2/26/2019
Print PARTIAL Init Corr 2/19/2019
Other Office Work 2/7/2019
Print PARTIAL Init Corr 2/5/2019
Initial Review - Building 2/4/2019
Initial Review - Zoning 1/31/2019
Initial Review - PW Eng 1/15/2019
Initial Review - Bldg ENF 1/14/2019
Initial Review - Fire 1/11/2019
Print Plan Labels ROUTE 1/10/2019
Change Status to "P" 1/10/2019
Other Office Work 1/10/2019
Inc. Building Submittal HOLD 1/10/2019
Application Received  

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