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Case Number: BLD2019-00073 Status: Permit Application Currently with Applicant
Application Date: 1/9/2019
Description: 56 sf addition at entry and 61 sf addition of storage area. Enclose 160 sf covered porch. 400 sf interior remodel of kitchen/dining area. New windows on the front elevation, and replacement of siding to match (e).
Address: 1723 SANTA BARBARA ST

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Case Activities

Type Completed
IR Returned to Applicant 2/11/2019
Print Initial Corr List 2/4/2019
Applicant Information Sheet 2/4/2019
Initial Review - Building 2/4/2019
Initial Review - PW Trans 1/30/2019
Initial Review - Zoning 1/28/2019
Initial Review - PW Eng 1/17/2019
Initial Review - Creeks 1/10/2019
Print Plan Labels ROUTE 1/9/2019
Initial Review - Fire 1/9/2019
Application Received  

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