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Case Number: BLD2019-00133 Status: Certificate of Occupancy Issued
Application Date: 1/16/2019
Description: Remove (e) clay tile roof, (e) plywood and underlayment. Install (n) plywood and two layers of 40 ply underlayment, and replace original tiles. Any (n) tiles will match (e) reused tiles. 49 squares.
Address: 2434 SANTA BARBARA ST

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Case Activities

Type Completed
Insp - Final Building 2/5/2019
Close Case "O" w/ Insp Summary 2/5/2019
Insp - roof nailing 1/28/2019
Insp - roof nailing 1/24/2019
Insp - roof nailing 1/23/2019
Insp - roof nailing 1/23/2019
Insp - roof nailing 1/22/2019
Application Received 1/16/2019
Issue/Print BLD Permit 1/16/2019

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