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Case Number: MST2002-00489 Status: Application has been Submitted, no Final Action to-date
Application Date: 7/22/2002
Description: Proposal to add 80 square feet to an existing stone garage located in the Hillside Design District.
Address: 835 ARGUELLO RD

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Case Activities

Type Completed
HLC File Purged 2/17/2006
MHO-Correspondence/Contact 2/28/2003
(F) Print ALL Actions of Case 2/28/2003
ENV-MEA Prepared 8/21/2002
Preliminary Plan Check Review 8/21/2002
(F) Print ALL Actions of Case 8/21/2002
ABR-Consent (New) 7/29/2002
Preliminary Plan Check Review 7/24/2002
(F) Print DESREV Prelim Check 7/24/2002
Application Received 7/22/2002

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