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Case Number: MST2012-00115 Status: A Planning Commission Approval Has Occurred for this Submittal, Design Review is still Required
Application Date: 3/21/2012
Description: Proposal for additional site improvements including new poured in place concrete walls with sandstone cap, changes to fences, new ground-mounted air-conditioning units, and an extension to the six-foot stone wall in the front yard. The eight-foot wood fence will remain where indicated on the plans. This project will address violations in ENF2012-00047. The property is developed with two existing dwelling units. Staff Hearing Officer review of a modification is requested for a portion of a concrete wall to exceed the height limit of eight feet.
Address: 1924 EMERSON AVE.

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Case Activities

Type Completed
HLC-FYI/Research 2/27/2014
(F) Print ALL Actions of Case 2/24/2014
SHO-Tentative SHO Hearing Date 5/30/2012
SHO-Public Hearing (New) 5/30/2012
SHO-APVD-Design Review Req'd 5/30/2012
ABR-Concept Review (New) 4/2/2012
ABR-Posting Sign Issued 3/23/2012
Application Received 3/22/2012
ABR-Correspondence/Contact 3/22/2012
SHO-DART Received  

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