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Case Number: MST2019-00061 Status: Application has been Submitted, no Final Action to-date
Application Date: 2/7/2019
Description: Proposal for exterior site work in the rear yard of an existing single-residential unit with a permitted accessory dwelling unit in the Hillside Design District. The project includes a new 5.5-foot tall retaining wall in the rear yard, new planters and stone retaining walls of up to three feet tall, and 80 cubic yards of grading, of which 40 was previously completed without permits.
Address: 836 DE LA GUERRA TERR

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Case Activities

Type Completed
SFDB-Consent (New) 3/4/2019
ENV-MEA Prep-NO action req 3/1/2019
SFDB-FYI/Research 2/26/2019
Application Received 2/7/2019
SFDB-FYI/Research 2/7/2019

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