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Case Number: MST2005-00667 Status: A Planning Commission Approval Has Occurred for this Submittal, Design Review is still Required
Application Date: 9/30/2005
Description: The project consists of a proposal for a two-and three-story mixed-use project consisting of five new residential condominium units for a total of 8,846 square feet (net), one new 786 square foot (net) commercial space and 13 parking spaces on a 13,471 square foot lot. The residential units consist of 2 two-bedroom units and 3 three-bedroom units. The existing structures onsite would be demolished.
Address: 817 N MILPAS ST

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Case Activities

Type Completed
SHO-Time Extension Hearing 3/14/2018
SHO-Tentative SHO Hearing Date 3/14/2018
SHO-Time Extension APVD 3/14/2018
SHO-Time Extension Requested 3/2/2018
SHO-Time Extension APVD 4/26/2017
SHO-Time Extension 4/26/2017
SHO-Tentative SHO Hearing Date 4/26/2017
SHO-Time Extension Requested 3/14/2017
SHO-Time Extension APVD 4/27/2016
SHO-Time Extension 4/27/2016
PC-Time Extension Requested 3/7/2016
PC-FYI/Research 10/3/2014
PC-FYI/Research 1/10/2012
PC-FYI/Research 1/20/2010
PC-APVD-Design Review Required 3/15/2007
PC-Public Hearing (New) 3/15/2007
PC-Tentative PC Hearing Date 3/15/2007
PC-DART Deemed Complete 12/21/2006
PBW Eng DART #3 Comments 12/18/2006
BLD DART #3 Draft Comments 12/11/2006
PBW Eng DART #2 Comments 10/27/2006
BLD DART #2 Draft Comments 10/23/2006
ABR-Concept Review (Continued) 10/23/2006
ABR-Resubmittal Received 10/6/2006
HLC-Archaeology Rpt Accepted 8/23/2006
HLC-Archaeology Report 8/23/2006
HLC-Building Permit Conditions 8/16/2006
PBW Eng DART #1 Comments 8/8/2006
BLD DART #1 Draft Comments 8/7/2006
PRT Received 12/15/2005
ENV-MEA Prepared-action req 10/17/2005
ABR-Optional Notice Prepared 10/17/2005
ABR-Concept Review (New) - PH 10/17/2005
Prelim Plan Check - Zoning 10/4/2005
Application Received 9/30/2005
ENV-Arch. Report Rec'd/Routed  
PC-DART Received  
PC-DART Received  

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