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Case Number: MST2017-00146 Status: Application has been Submitted, no Final Action to-date
Application Date: 3/29/2017
Description: (Proposal for the conversion of a single family residence into a short-term rental. Project is comprised of the conversion of a 1,260 square foot one-story, three-bedroom single family residence into commercial hotel floor space. Exterior changes include the replacement of a 951 square foot gravel driveway with permeable pavers, and the removal of a driveway gate at the northeast property line. No changes are proposed for the existing structures. Project requires Development Plan Approval findings.)
Address: 2017 BATH ST

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Case Activities

Type Completed
CC-ABR Appeal Filed 8/8/2017
Oops! Still "P" Status 8/1/2017
ABR-FYI/Research 8/1/2017
ABR-Reconsideration Hearing 5/22/2017
Project Denied 5/9/2017
ABR-Concept Review (New) - PH 5/8/2017
ENV-MEA Not Required 5/3/2017
Prelim Plan Check - Transp 5/3/2017
ABR-Consent (New) 5/1/2017
ABR-Mailed Notice Prepared 5/1/2017
Prelim Plan Check - Zoning 4/5/2017
(F) Print Meas. E Alloc Letter 4/3/2017
(F) Print GPU Tracking Form 4/3/2017
Application Received 3/29/2017
(F) Print HALT Prelim PlanCk  

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