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Case Number: MST2014-00169 Status: Application has been Submitted, no Final Action to-date
Application Date: 4/14/2014
Description: Proposal to construct a new 1,321 square foot automobile fueling station and mini-market with a fuel pump canopy and three pump islands on the 11,399 net square foot vacant lot. Staff Hearing Officer review is requested for a Performance Standard Permit. A Modification is also requested to provide fewer than the required number of parking spaces.
Address: 328 W MONTECITO ST

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Case Activities

Type Completed
BLD DART #2 Draft Comments 10/30/2017
PC-Correspondence/Contact 8/25/2016
PC-FYI/Research 2/16/2016
PC-Correspondence/Contact 1/7/2016
PC-DART Applicant Meeting 4/29/2015
PC-Correspondence/Contact 3/3/2015
BLD DART #1 Draft Comments 3/2/2015
HLC-Concept Review (New) - PH 8/13/2014
HLC-Resubmittal Received 7/25/2014
HLC-Mailed Notice Prepared 5/7/2014
Project HALTED 5/2/2014
HLC-FYI/Research 5/2/2014
(F) Print GPU Tracking Form 4/28/2014
Prelim Plan Check - Zoning 4/22/2014
HLC-FYI/Research 4/16/2014
(F) Print GPU Tracking Form 4/16/2014
HLC-FYI/Research 4/15/2014
HLC-Posting Sign Issued 4/14/2014
Application Received 4/14/2014
HLC-Concept Review (New) - PH  
PC-DART Received  
PC-DART Received  

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