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Case Number: MST2016-00426 Status: Application has been Submitted, no Final Action to-date
Application Date: 9/14/2016
Description: This is a revised project description: Proposal for a three-story development consisting of a hotel and commercial space. The project will comprise a voluntary lot merger of two lots at 302 & 308 W. Montecito Street (APNs 037-232-011 & 037-232-002). All existing development on the two lots, consisting of four residential apartments totaling 2,540 square feet and 517 square feet of office space, will be demolished. New development on this merged 18,927 square foot parcel will be a 26,818 square foot, three-story building containing a 15,210 square foot, 34-room hotel and 464 square feet of commercial floor area. Also proposed are 38 parking spaces of which 33 are to be provided in a 3-story stacker system, and 2 covered bicycle parking spaces. Planning Commission approval is required, as this project involves a Transfer of Existing Development Rights from the Sandman Hotel located at 3714-3744 State Street for 24 hotel rooms, and a Development Plan for commercial square footage allotments from the Minor and Small Additions categories on both parcels.
Address: 302 W MONTECITO ST

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Case Activities

Type Completed
ENV-Arch. Report Rec'd/Routed 2/26/2019
BLD DART #1 Draft Comments 11/16/2018
(F) Print Meas. E Alloc Letter 4/27/2018
(F) Print GPU Tracking Form 4/27/2018
ABR-Concept Review (Continued) 4/23/2018
ABR-Resubmittal Received 4/17/2018
ABR-Concept Review (Continued) 3/12/2018
ABR-Concept Review (Continued) 2/12/2018
Prelim Plan Check - Transp 2/6/2018
ABR-Resubmittal Received 2/6/2018
ABR-Resubmittal Received 1/17/2018
ABR-Concept Review (Continued) 9/25/2017
ABR-Concept Review (Continued) 8/28/2017
ABR-Resubmittal Received 8/24/2017
ABR-Concept Review (Continued) 7/31/2017
ABR-Resubmittal Received 7/24/2017
ABR-Concept Review (Continued) 7/3/2017
ABR-Concept Review (Continued) 6/19/2017
ABR-Concept Review (Continued) 5/22/2017
ABR-Concept Review (Continued) 4/24/2017
Oops! Still "P" Status 4/20/2017
ABR-Concept Review (Continued) 4/10/2017
ABR-Resubmittal Received 3/9/2017
ABR-Resubmittal Received 1/30/2017
ABR-Pre-Application Review 1/30/2017
ABR-Notice Prepared-PC/SHO Req 1/17/2017
ABR-FYI/Research 11/23/2016
TDAO NOI &/or Affidavit Rcvd 11/23/2016
ABR-Posting Sign Issued 11/23/2016
PRT Applicant Meeting 10/18/2016
PRT Review Held 10/12/2016
PRT Working Meeting 10/5/2016
BLD PRT Draft Comments 10/4/2016
PRT Site Visit 9/22/2016
(F) Print GPU Tracking Form 9/22/2016
Application Received 9/14/2016
BLD DART #2 Draft Comments  
PC-DART Received  
PC-DART Received  

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