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Case Number: MST2017-00369 Status: Application has been Submitted, no Final Action to-date
Application Date: 6/22/2017
Description: Proposal to address violations listed in ENF2017-00369 and ZIR2017-00138 for an unpermitted parking lot reconfiguration and fences. The proposed project involves removing one unpermitted parking space, landscape planters in the parking area, a driveway at Wilson Street, and a wooden storage structure within the interior setback. A six foot wood fence along the property line facing Wilson Street, reconfigured parking spaces, and a relocated trash area are all proposed. An Administrative Review of Minor Exceptions for Fences is required for the wood fence to exceed 42 inches along the front lot line and along the first 10 feet of the interior lot line from the intersection of the front lot line. A Modification by the Staff Hearing Officer for reducing the required open space to less than 10% of the net lot area is required. Project is located in the Appeal Jurisdiction of the Coastal Zone.
Address: 215 CASTILLO ST

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Case Activities

Type Completed
EXC-Correspondence/Contact 2/5/2018
EXC-Zoning Exception Approved 2/5/2018
EXC-Zoning Cond of Approval 2/5/2018
EXC-Zoning Exception Received 1/30/2018
HLC-MZE Request Received 1/30/2018
HLC-Consent (After Final) 1/24/2018
HLC-After Final (Approved) 1/24/2018
HLC-Resubmittal Received 1/16/2018
Oops! Still "P" Status 1/16/2018
SHO-APVD-No Design Review Reqd 12/6/2017
SHO-Public Hearing (New) 12/6/2017
SHO-Tentative SHO Hearing Date 12/6/2017
HLC-Consent (After Final) 11/15/2017
HLC-Consnt Mail Notice Prep'd 10/31/2017
HLC-Posting Sign Issued 10/27/2017
Prelim Plan Check - Transp 10/25/2017
HLC-Resubmittal Received 10/18/2017
HLC-Proj Des & Final Approval 7/26/2017
HLC-Consent (New) 7/26/2017
Prelim Plan Check - Transp 6/28/2017
ENV-MEA Not Required 6/26/2017
Application Received 6/22/2017
SHO-Non-DART Received  

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