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Case Number: MST2015-00394 Status: A Planning Commission Approval Has Occurred for this Submittal, Design Review is still Required
Application Date: 8/12/2015
Description: Proposal to remove a 45-foot tall avocado tree to be replaced with seven (7) valencia orange trees in an existing 18-unit residential development. Also proposed is the demolition of a two-car garage and a one-car garage to be replaced with three uncovered parking spaces in the existing location. The garage demolition will be located at the rear of 617 and 623 De La Vina Street. The tree removal will be located adjacent to 617 De La Vina. A total of 18 existing parking spaces will remain. These residences are on the City's List of Potential Historic Resources: Casalino Court. Staff Hearing Officer review is requested for a zoning modificaiton to allow three of the covered parkings to be replaced with 3 unconvered parking spaces.
Address: 618 BATH ST

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Case Activities

Type Completed
SHO-Public Hearing (New) 2/3/2016
SHO-Tentative SHO Hearing Date 2/3/2016
SHO-APVD-Design Review Req'd 2/3/2016
Oops! Still "P" Status 12/3/2015
HLC-Consent (Final Review) 11/4/2015
HLC-Final Approval - Project 11/4/2015
Prelim Plan Check - Water Res 11/3/2015
HLC-Resubmittal Received 11/2/2015
HLC-Consent (New) 10/21/2015
HLC-Project Design Approval 10/21/2015
ENV-Digital Information Rec'd 10/14/2015
HLC-Resubmittal Received 10/5/2015
ENV-Req'd Information Accepted 9/16/2015
HLC-Resubmittal Received 9/10/2015
HLC-FYI/Research 8/20/2015
(F) Print Prelim Plan Check 8/19/2015
(F) Print Prelim Plan Check 8/19/2015
Prelim Plan Check - Zoning 8/18/2015
Prelim Plan Check - Transp 8/12/2015
Application Received 8/12/2015
SHO-Non-DART Received  
ENV-Arch. Report Rec'd/Routed  
ENV-MEA Prepared-action req  

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