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Case Number: MST2017-00714 Status: Application has been Submitted, no Final Action to-date
Application Date: 10/25/2017
Description: The two-story Craftsman Residence constructed in 1906 is a designated Structure of Merit. Proposal to demolish a portion of the unpermitted L-shaped accessory building comprising a garage and accessory space, and constructing a new conforming single-car carport. The proposal includes relocating a portion of the northerly site wall onto the existing foundation as part of the accessory building alteration and constructing a new infill wall adjacent to the proposed carport. Project includes replacement of the unpermitted upper window sashes to match the original diamond pane configuration, permitting two driveway gates, a skylight, HVAC equipment, and removing gutters that encroach onto the adjacent property to the west. Project requires Staff Hearing Officer review for an Outdoor Living Space Modification to allow the reduction of the required 800 square feet of open yard on lots less than 5,000 square feet, and two Interior Setback Modifications to allow the carport to encroach into the required three foot interior setback for covered parking, and to allow the accessory storage building to encroach into the required six foot interior setback. This project will address violations listed in ENF2016-01512, ENF2017-00969, and ZIR2016-00467. The proposed total of 2,267 square feet on a 4,097 square foot lot is 102% of the maximum guideline floor-to-lot area ratio.
Address: 803 BATH ST

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Case Activities

Type Completed
HLC-Mailed Notice Prepared 9/5/2018
HLC-Concept Review (New) 9/5/2018
HLC-Resubmittal Received 8/31/2018
HLC-Resubmittal Received 7/30/2018
(F) Design Review Routing 11/15/2017
HLC-Correspondence/Contact 11/13/2017
(F) Print HALT Prelim PlanCk 11/13/2017
(F) Design Review Routing 11/9/2017
Prelim Plan Check - Zoning 11/9/2017
(F) Print Prelim Plan Check 11/9/2017
HLC-Posting Sign Issued 10/25/2017
Application Received 10/25/2017
ENV-MEA Prepared-action req  

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