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Case Number: MST2001-00076 Status: D
Application Date: 2/2/2001
Description: This is an Enforcement case. Proposal to construct an eight foot wood fence, seven feet in length along the side of the property to an existing 3,000 square foot residence on a 26,880 square foot lot located in the Hillside Design District.
Address: 151 LA JOLLA DR

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Case Activities

Type Completed
ABR File Purged 2/18/2003
(F) Print ALL Actions of Case 8/6/2001
ENV-MEA Prepared 2/12/2001
ABR-Final Approval - Project 2/12/2001
ABR-Consent (New) 2/12/2001
(F) Print DESREV Prelim Check 2/6/2001
Preliminary Plan Check Review 2/6/2001
Application Received 2/2/2001
CCC-CC Appeal (Proj DENIED)  

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