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Case Number: MST2013-00240 Status: D
Application Date: 6/10/2013
Description: This is a revised project. Proposal for a new 2,789 square foot, three-story, single-family residence (30 foot maximum height) with a 571 square foot two-car garage. The project includes water storage tanks, a lap pool, native vegetation restoration and site stabilization. Grading would involve an estimated 1,180 cubic yards of cut and fill to be balanced onsite. The proposed total of 3,360 square feet on a 20,045 square foot flag lot in the Hillside Design District is 72% of the guideline floor-to-lot area ratio (FAR). The project is located within the Appealable Jurisdiction of the Coastal Zone and requires Planning Commission review for a Coastal Development Permit.
Address: 1925 EL CAMINO DE LA LUZ

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Case Activities

Type Completed
Notice of Final Action Filed 8/17/2017
CC-PC Appeal (Proj DENIED) 6/6/2017
CC-PC Appeal (Continued) 6/6/2017
CC-PC Appeal Filed 12/6/2016
PC-Project Denied 8/25/2016
PC-Tentative PC Hearing Date 8/25/2016
PC-Tentative PC Hearing Date 7/7/2016
PC-Environmental Hearing 7/7/2016
SFDB-Concept Review (Cont.) 5/2/2016
SFDB-Resubmittal Received 4/25/2016
PC-Environmental Hearing 3/3/2016
SFDB-Mailed Notice Prepared 2/22/2016
SFDB-Concept Review (New) - PH 2/22/2016
SFDB-Resubmittal Received 2/16/2016
PC-DART Deemed Complete 12/8/2015
PC-DART Appeal Filed 11/9/2015
BLD DART #1 Draft Comments 10/18/2015
PRT Applicant Meeting 8/21/2013
PRT Working Meeting 7/31/2013
BLD PRT Draft Comments 7/22/2013
PRT Site Visit 6/27/2013
Application Received 6/10/2013
PC-DART Incomplete  
PC-DART Received  

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