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Case Number: MST2017-00079 Status: A Planning Commission Approval Has Occurred for this Submittal, Design Review is still Required
Application Date: 2/21/2017
Description: Proposal to remodel an existing 2,734 square foot single residential unit with a 484 square foot attached two-car garage. The remodel consists of replacing the exterior doors and windows, repainting and a re-roof replacing the existing composition shingles with new charcoal gray composition shingles. Other site improvements include new landscaping and minor hardscape alterations. No new square footage is proposed to the existing residence. The existing total of 2,734 square feet on a 17,290 square foot lot located in the Hillside Design District is 63% of the guideline maximum floor-to-lot area ratio (FAR). The projects is located in the Appealable Jurisdiction of the Coastal Zone and received Planning Commission Review for a Coastal Development Permit (CDP).
Address: 2111 EDGEWATER WAY

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Case Activities

Type Completed
SFDB-Proj Des & Final Approval 8/13/2018
SFDB-Consnt (Proj Des & Final) 8/13/2018
SFDB-Resubmittal Received 8/6/2018
ABR-FYI/Research 8/5/2018
PC-Case Planner Status 8/1/2018
SFDB-Consnt (Proj Des & Final) 7/30/2018
SFDB-Resubmittal Received 7/20/2018
PC-APVD-Design Review Required 7/19/2018
PC-Correspondence/Contact 7/10/2018
PC-Correspondence/Contact 7/5/2018
SFDB-Consent (After Final) 6/4/2018
PC-FYI/Research 5/31/2018
SFDB-Resubmittal Received 5/31/2018
SFDB-NoticePrepared-PC/SHO Req 5/29/2018
SFDB-Consent (After Final) 5/29/2018
SFDB-Resubmittal Received 5/14/2018
SFDB-Resubmittal Received 5/10/2018
SFDB-FYI/Research 4/27/2018
SFDB-Consent (New) 3/6/2017
SFDB-Proj Des & Final Approval 3/6/2017
ENV-MEA Prep-NO action req 3/6/2017
(F) Print Prelim Plan Check 3/3/2017
Prelim Plan Check - Zoning 3/3/2017
SFDB-FYI/Research 2/21/2017
Application Received 2/21/2017
BLD DART #1 Draft Comments  
PC-DART Received  
PC-DART Received  

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