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Case Number: MST2017-00470 Status: Application has been Submitted, no Final Action to-date
Application Date: 7/27/2017
Description: Proposal to construct a new 444 square foot one-story addition to an existing 2,364 square foot one-story single-family residence with an attached 455 square foot two-car garage. The proposed total of 3,263 square feet of development on a 31,720 square foot lot located in the Hillside Design District is 68% of the guideline maximum floor-to-lot-area ratio (FAR). The proposed project is located in the Appealable Jurisdiction of the Coastal Zone and requires Planning Commission review for a Coastal Development Permit.
Address: 2417 MEDCLIFF RD

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Case Activities

Type Completed
PC-FYI/Research 1/22/2018
SFDB-Mailed Notice Prepared 8/21/2017
SFDB-Concept Review (New) - PH 8/21/2017
SFDB-Posting Sign Issued 7/27/2017
Application Received 7/27/2017
(F) Design Review Routing  
PC-DART Received  

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